April 11, 2021

Local Yarn Store Day

Announcing The Third Local Yarn Store Day:
LYS Day has been postponed to September 12, 2020

Due to COVID-19, Local Yarn Store Day has been postponed to September 12, 2020. Local Yarn Stores are the backbone of our industry. TNNA knows that our member LYSes are being impacted around the world by closures and quarantines. Please visit this page, where stores can list their shops, links to their online storefronts, and any virtual events they may be having.

Local Yarn Store Day (LYS Day) is a TNNA program designed to drive traffic to local yarn stores. LYS Day has brought thousands of ‘yarnies’ from across the US and Canada to go to their local shop to see the exclusive, unique products created specifically for LYS Day. Think of it as a nationwide Yarn Crawl!

Looking to visit your local yarn store on September 12, 2020 to celebrate LYS Day and have questions? View the frequently asked questions below! 

What members are saying about LYS Day

 For the Consumer: 

Q: What is Local Yarn Store Day?

Think of it as a nationwide yarn crawl, but you only need to visit one store! Yes, you can certainly visit more shops if you want. If you’re fortunate to live near multiple participating shops, they’d all love to see you!

Q: What will I see at Local Yarn Store Day?

Participating shops will have a variety of unique items created by some of our favorite vendors specifically for Local Yarn Store Day! You may see special yarns, special patterns, or any number of other unique items. Most shops have made this a special day to celebrate you, as it is your support that keeps local yarn stores open and thriving!

Q: Are all yarn shops participants?

While we’d love for them to be, not all yarn shops choose to participate. Local Yarn Store Day is open to all members of the national trade organization for the yarn industry called TNNA (The National Needle Arts Association). If your local yarn shop is not a member, urge them to join so you can both get access to this fun program and the

Q: I don’t have a local shop near me; can I buy these items online?

These unique items are not available online. They are only available through participating brick and mortar shops. Many shops tell us that people drive many miles to join in the fun!

Q: Why is there a Local Yarn Store Day?

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of yarn is purchased through local brick and mortar shops, not online. This day was created by a committee of shop owners and yarn manufacturers to show you the benefits of the partnership between your Local Yarn Stores and their Vendor Partners.

Q: How can I learn more?

Visit the website (www.localyarnstoreday.com) where we show the list of participating Local Yarn Stores, as well as participating Vendor Partners. You should also talk to your Local Yarn Store to see if they are participating! 

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